Improving the design and impact of interactive, dynamic visualizations for science learning

Marcia C. Linn, Chris Quintana, Hsin Yi Chang, Ji Shen, Jennifer L. Chiu, Douglas Clark, Muhsin Menekse, Cynthia D'Angelo, Sharon Schleigh, Stephanie Touchman, Kevin W. McElhaney, Keisha Varma, Aaron Price, Hee Sun Lee

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This interactive poster session features seven research groups exploring how interactive, dynamic visualizations impact student learning. Six empirical studies report on promising designs for visualizations. These studies use logs of student interactions and embedded assessments to document the quality and trajectory of learning and to capture the cognitive and social processes mediated by the visualization. The review synthesizes previous and current empirical work. It offers design guidelines, principles, patterns, and examples to inform those designing interactive, dynamic visualization and aligned learning support. These posters show why dynamic visualizations are both difficult to design and valuable for science instruction.

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期刊Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conference, CSCL
發行號PART 3
出版狀態已發佈 - 2008
事件International Perspectives in the Learning Sciences: Cre8ing a Learning World - 8th International Conference for the Learning Sciences, ICLS 2008 - Utrecht, 荷兰
持續時間: 2008 6月 232008 6月 28

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