Improved microwave absorption properties of TiO2 and Ni0.53Cu0.12Zn0.35Fe2O4 nanocomposites potential for microwave devices

K. Praveena*, K. Sadhana, Hsiang Lin Liu, N. Maramu, G. Himanandini


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Nanostructured xTiO2+(1-x) Ni0.53Cu0.12Zn0.35Fe2O4 nanocomposites (where 0 ≤ x ≤ 1) were prepared by a low temperature microwave-hydrothermal (M-H) method at 165°C/45 min. Microwave sintering (MS) technology has been applied in the preparation of nanocomposites. Several kinds of such systems have been fabricated by MS technology. The sintering time and temperature were reduced from 22 h to 1100°C for conventional sintering process to 30 min and 500°C for MS process, respectively. The addition of TiO2 to Ni0.53Cu0.12Zn0.35 ferrite increased the dielectric properties (ϵ′ and ϵ″). The imaginary part of permeability (μ″) was found to increase with an increase of TiO2. The complex permittivity and permeability were collected by the vector network analyser and the absorbing properties were calculated according to transmission theory. The absorption peak shifted to higher frequencies with the substitution. The highest reflection coefficient value of -28 dB at 10.26 GHz was observed for the x = 0.5 sample. The microwave absorption band width of -10 dB with xTiO2+(1-x) Ni0.53Cu0.12Zn0.35Fe2O4 nanocomposites is effectively broadened compared with other ferrites. Based on the magnetic and microwave measurements xTiO2+(1-x) Ni0.53Cu0.12Zn0.35Fe2O4 may be a good candidate for electromagnetic materials and other practical applications like military and civil applications.

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期刊Journal of Alloys and Compounds
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016 十月 5

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