Implementation of a novel large moving range submicrometer positioner

Mei Yung Chen, Huan Wen Tzeng*


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A novel, compact and two degree-of-freedoms (DOF) submicrometer positioner with a large moving range is presented in this paper. The design of the positioner utilizes a monolithic parallel flexure mechanism with built-in electromagnetic actuators and eddy current sensors to achieve the precision 2-DOF motion. The travel range of the positioner is 1000 μm/5 mrad and which depend on the eddy current sensor's range of measurement (ROM) and electromagnetic actuator's effective length. The analytical model and its dynamics were analyzed and derived. The whole control architecture takes the measured configuration parameters and endeavors to control the positioner motion by regulating the currents in the electromagnetic actuators. To increase the compactness and stability of the positioner, a self-tuning adaptive (STA) controller was analyzed and proposed. From the experimental results, satisfactory performances of the system, including stiffness and precision, have been successfully demonstrated.

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