Hydrogen adsorption on a Pt(110)-(1 × 2) surface

C. S. Shern*


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Low-energy electron diffraction (LEED), temperature-programmed desorption (TPD) and the work function change, which was measured by a mirror-electron-microscope-LEED were used to study the adsorption of hydrogen on the (1 × 2) reconstructed surface of Pt(110) at T = 170 K. Two adsorbed states β1 andβ2 were found in the TPD spectra. The state β1 belongs to first-order desorption while the state β2 is second-order desorption. The initial sticking coefficient is 0.8. The change of work function, ΔW, is positive at low coverage and (ΔW)max = 0.15 eV at a relative coverage R of 0.05. ΔW becomes negative as R increases to 0.2, and (ΔW)max = -0.6 eV at saturation coverage. No new LEED pattern was observed in this adsorption. The possible adsorption sites of different geometrical positions are discussed.

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