Hybrid Visual Servo Control of a Robotic Manipulator for Cherry Tomato Harvesting

Yi Rong Li, Wei Yuan Lien, Zhi Hong Huang, Chun Ta Chen*


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This paper aims to develop a visual servo control of a robotic manipulator for cherry tomato harvesting. In the robotic manipulator, an RGB-depth camera was mounted to the end effector to acquire the poses of the target cherry tomatoes in space. The eye-in-hand-based visual servo controller guides the end effector to implement eye–hand coordination to harvest the target cherry tomatoes, in which a hybrid visual servo control method (HVSC) with the fuzzy dynamic control parameters was proposed by combining position-based visual servo (PBVS) control and image-based visual servo (IBVS) control for the tradeoff of both performances. In addition, a novel cutting and clipping integrated mechanism was designed to pick the target cherry tomatoes. The proposed tomato-harvesting robotic manipulator with HVSC was validated and evaluated in a laboratory testbed based on harvesting implementation. The results show that the developed robotic manipulator using HVSC has an average harvesting time of 9.40 s/per and an average harvesting success rate of 96.25% in picking cherry tomatoes.

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