Hybrid Nano Plasmonics for Integrated Biosensor

Chii Wann Lin*, Jun Haw Lee, Nan Fu Chiu, Szu Yuan Lee, Kou Chen Liu, Feng Yu Tsai, Chia Yu Yen, Chun Nan Lee


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SPR biosensor with OLED and nano-grating for HBV LAMP product detection is reported. Directional emissions by grating-coupler match the resonant condition of SP modes. Concentration changes result in color shift at specific angle. Real time detection of virus load down to 5 copies/25 ul can be achieved in 30 minutes. Surface plasmon Resonant (SPR) biosensor has been used for quantitative measurement of molecular interactions for its advantages of high sensitivity, label-free and real-time detection. In this paper, we report recent efforts on further enhancement of SPR biosensors by the heterogeneous integration of organic electroluminescence light source and nano-grating structure for the feasibility study on the fast and high sensitivity detection of HBV isothermal amplification products, Mg2P207. We demonstrated the surface plasmon coupled through hybrid nano-grating structure has highly directional emissions corresponding to the resonant condition of surface plasmon modes on the Au/air interface and controllable plasmonics band-gap by pitch modulation. SPGCE resulted in color change from yellowish green to orange at a certain viewing angle, when contacting glucose with concentration increasing from 10 to 40%.

主出版物標題Optical Sensors and Biophotonics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2009
事件Optical Sensors and Biophotonics - Shanghai, 中国
持續時間: 2009 11月 22009 11月 6


名字Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering


其他Optical Sensors and Biophotonics

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