Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for Indoor Path Planning and Trajectory-Tracking Control of Wheeled Mobile Robot

I. Hsum Li, Yi Hsing Chien, Wei Yen Wang, Yi Feng Kao

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This paper presents a hybrid intelligent algorithm for a wheeled mobile robot (WMR) to implement both trajectory-tracking and path-following navigation missions. The novel control scheme combining the kinematic with TSK fuzzy control is developed to track the desired position, linear, and angular velocities, even though the WMR suffers from system uncertainties and disturbances. The proposed TSK fuzzy controller deals with a general dynamic model and has a good ability of disturbance rejection. For the path-following issue, the improved D* lite algorithm determines an appropriate path between an initial position and a destination. The derived path is transformed into a tracking trajectory by a function of time. The asymptotic stability of the overall system is proven by Lyapunov theory. Finally, real-time experiments with the use of the proposed hybrid intelligent algorithm on an eight-shaped reference trajectory and long-distance movement demonstrate the feasibility of practical WMR maneuvers.

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期刊International Journal of Fuzzy Systems
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016 八月 1


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