Home Care Aides' Perspectives of Occupational Tobacco Smoke Exposure: A Q Methodology Study

Su Fei Huang, Jung Yu Liao*


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Introduction: The increased growth of older adults has generated demand for home care aides (HCAs). Occupational tobacco smoke exposure (OTSE) may risk their health which should be paid attention to. Aims and Methods: This study explored the HCAs' perspectives of OTSE to inform health promotion programs catering to individual needs. A two-stage Q methodology was employed for data collection and analysis. Thirty-nine Q statements were extracted in the first stage and then 51 HCAs with OTSE were recruited to complete Q sorting in the second stage. PQ Method software was used for data analysis. Principal component analysis was performed to determine the most appropriate number of factors. Results: The five factors identified from HCAs' perspective of OTSE explained 51% of the variance. The HCAs agreed that OTSE could increase cancer risk. The HCAs with factor I did not care about OTSE, tending to complete their work. The HCAs with factor II agreed with the health hazards of OTSE, but did not know how to help their clients stop smoking. The HCAs with factor III cared about OTSE but were afraid of disrupting the client-provider relationship. The HCAs with factor IV regarded OTSE as a priority for occupational interventions whereas the HCAs with factor V did not think OTSE was an issue and believed that they could balance work and OTSE health hazards. Conclusions: Our findings will inform the design of home care pre-service and on-The-job training courses. Long-Term care policies should be developed to promote smoke-free workplaces. Implications: There are five types of HCAs' perspectives on OTSE. The tailor interventions can be developed to help them avoid the OTSE (eg, opening windows for ventilation or using air purification equipment) and have an OTSE-free space.

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期刊Nicotine and Tobacco Research
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