Holographic cosmic quintessence on the dilatonic brane world

Bin Chen*, Feng Li Lin


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Recently quintessence has been proposed to explain the observation data of supernovae indicating a time-varying cosmological constant and accelerating universe. Inspired by this and its mysterious origin, we look for the possibility that quintessence is the holographic dark matter dominating in the late time in the brane world scenarios. We consider both the cases of a static and moving brane in a dilaton gravity background. For the static brane we use the Hamilton-Jacobi method motivated by holographic renormalization group to study the intrinsic FRW cosmology on the brane and find the constraint on the bulk potential for quintessence. This constraint requires a negative slowly varying bulk potential which implies an anti-de Sitter-like bulk geometry and could be possibly realized from higher dimensional supergravities or string theory. We find a similar constraint for the moving brane cases and that the quintessence on it has the effect of a mildly time-varying Newton constant.

期刊Physical Review D
出版狀態已發佈 - 2002

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