Holographic anyons in the ABJM theory

Shoichi Kawamoto*, Feng Li Lin


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We consider the holographic anyons in the ABJM theory from three different aspects of AdS/CFT correspondence. First, we identify the holographic anyons by using the field equations of supergravity, including the Chern-Simons terms of the probe branes. We find that the composite of Dp-branes wrapped over CP 3 with the worldvolume magnetic fields can be the anyons. Next, we discuss the possible candidates of the dual anyonic operators on the CFT side, and find the agreement of their anyonic phases with the supergravity analysis. Finally, we try to construct the brane profile for the holographic anyons by solving the equations of motion and Killing spinor equations for the embedding profile of the wrapped branes. As a by product, we find a BPS spiky brane for the dual baryons in the ABJM theory.

期刊Journal of High Energy Physics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2010

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