High-Tc SQUID gradiometer system for magnetocardiography in an unshielded environment

S. H. Liao*, S. C. Hsu, C. C. Lin, Herng-Er Horng, J. C. Chen, M. J. Chen, C. H. Wu, Hong-Chang Yang


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We set up an electronic gradiometer for magnetocardiography (MCG) in an unshielded environment. The electronically balanced gradiometer consists of high-temperature radio-frequency superconducting quantum interference device (rf SQUID) magnetometers. The rf SQUID magnetometers are arranged to form the electronic first-order, four-vector gradiometer, or second-order gradiometer. The output of the MCG signal was filtered by a band pass (1-30 Hz) and power line filters. We can reduce the noise to ∼1 pT Hz-1/2 at 1 Hz for second-order or four-vector gradiometers. Two-dimensional MCG imaging is demonstrated. The results are discussed with data measured in the moderate magnetically shielded environment.

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期刊Superconductor Science and Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2003 12月
事件ISEC 2003, International Superconducting Electronics Conference - Sydney,NSW, 澳大利亚
持續時間: 2003 7月 72003 7月 11

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