High-Frequency Graphene Base Hot-Electron Transistor

Bor Wei Liang, Wen Hao Chang, Hung Yu Lin, Po Chun Chen, Yi Tang Zhang, Kristan Bryan Simbulan, Kai Shin Li, Jyun Hong Chen, Chieh Hsiung Kuan*, Yann Wen Lan


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The integration of graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) materials with existing silicon semiconductor technology is highly desirable. This is due to the diverse advantages and potential applications brought about by the consequent miniaturization of the resulting electronic devices. Nevertheless, such devices that can operate at very high frequencies for high-speed applications are eminently preferred. In this work, we demonstrate a vertical graphene base hot-electron transistor that performs in the radio frequency regime. Our device exhibits a relatively high current density (μ200 A/cm2), high common base current gain (α∗ ∼99.2%), and moderate common emitter current gain (β∗ ∼2.7) at room temperature with an intrinsic current gain cutoff frequency of around 65 GHz. Furthermore, cutoff frequency can be tuned from 54 to 65 GHz by varying the collector-base bias. We anticipate that this proposed transistor design, built by the integrated 2D material and silicon semiconductor technology, can be a potential candidate to realize extra fast radio frequency tunneling hot-carrier electronics.

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期刊ACS Nano
出版狀態已發佈 - 2021 4月 27

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