High etching rate of GaN films by KrF excimer laser

Chen Fu Chu*, C. K. Lee, C. C. Yu, Y. K. Wang, J. Y. Tasi, C. R. Yang, S. C. Wang


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A study of laser processing of gallium nitride (GaN) material is reported. A pulsed KrF excimer laser at 248 nm with 20-nsec pulse width and 1 Hz repetition rate is used to etch the GaN film. We establish the material etching parameters under different environmental conditions. By changing the pulsed energy at constant pulse numbers, ablation of GaN surface was observed at threshold laser fluence about 0.3 J cm-2. Laser etching increase with reducing environment pressure. At 1.0 J cm-2 laser fluence, the etching rate is about 35 nm per pulse at atmosphere pressure and increases to 60 nm per pulse at low pressure. The etched depth also increases with increasing laser fluence. The surface morphology of the etched surface was also investigated.

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期刊Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology
出版狀態已發佈 - 2001 5月 22

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