Hall effect, thermopower and electrical resistivity of doped RuSr 2GdCu2O8 system

G. Ilonca*, F. Beiusan, A. V. Pop, I. Matei, E. Macocian, T. R. Yang


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Polycrystalline samples of Ru1-xSbxSr 2GdCuO8 doped with Sb, in which magnetic order and superconductivity coexist with Tmagnetic ≫ TC, were prepared by a solid state reaction technique. Lattice parameters, electrical resistivity, Hall and thermopower coefficients measurements on the same sintered ceramic samples are presented. Both Hall effect and thermopower show anomalous decreases below Tmagnetic which might be explained with a simple two-band model in the RuO2 layer at Tmagnetic. It was also observed that the Sb doping reduce the conductivity of the system and the transition temperature decreases with increasing Sb content. This may be due to a distortion of RuO6 octahedra which is responsible for the increase of hole localization.

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期刊International Journal of Modern Physics B
出版狀態已發佈 - 2004 九月 20

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