Ghost introgression facilitates genomic divergence of a sympatric cryptic lineage in Cycas revoluta

Jui Tse Chang, Koh Nakamura, Chien Ti Chao, Min Xin Luo, Pei Chun Liao*


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A cryptic lineage is a genetically diverged but morphologically unrecognized variant of a known species. Clarifying cryptic lineage evolution is essential for quantifying species diversity. In sympatric cryptic lineage divergence compared with allopatric divergence, the forces of divergent selection and mating patterns override geographical isolation. Introgression, by supplying preadapted or neutral standing genetic variations, can promote sympatric cryptic lineage divergence via selection. However, most studies concentrated on extant species introgression, ignoring the genetic legacy of introgression from extinct or unsampled lineages (“ghost introgression”). Cycads are an ideal plant for studying the influence of ghost introgression because of their common interspecific gene flow and past high extinction rate. Here, we utilized reference-based ddRADseq to clarify the role of ghost introgression in the evolution of a previously identified sympatric cryptic lineage in Cycas revoluta. After re-evaluating the evolutionary independency of cryptic lineages, the group-wise diverged single-nucleotide polymorphisms among sympatric and allopatric lineages were compared and functionally annotated. Next, we employed an approximate Bayesian computation method for hypothesis testing to clarify the cryptic lineage evolution and ghost introgression effect. SNPs with the genomic signatures of ghost introgression were further annotated. Our results reconfirmed the evolutionary independency of cryptic lineage among C. revoluta and demonstrated that ghost introgression to the noncryptic lineage facilitated their divergence. Gene function related to heat stress and disease resistance implied ecological adaptation of the main extant populations of C. revoluta.

期刊Ecology and Evolution
出版狀態已發佈 - 2023 8月

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