Geomagnetic basement relief of the Northern Taiwan area

Kuang Jung Chen*, Chao Ming Wang, Shu Kun Hsu, Wen Tzong Liang


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A detailed magnetic survey has been carried out in the northern Taiwan area in order to determine the topographic surface of the magnetic basement. This survey covers an area of about 900 km2, and totally the observation point is 269. After geomagnetic corrections of the observed data, the magnetic anomaly map was obtained. For the purpose of resolving the deeper (relative to the shallow effects) magnetic basement, a low-pass filter was applied to the magnetic anomaly to obtain a smoothed magnetic anomaly. Thirteen profiles were designed to cross and cover evenly the smoothed geomagnetic anomaly in the study area. These geomagnetic anomaly profiles were inverted to obtain the magnetic basement profiles by trial and error method. Compiling these 1-D magnetic basement profiles, we outlined the 2-D magnetic basement relief. The pattern of the relief of the geomagnetic basement shows that the depth is ranged from 2.6 to 6 km. There exists a basement high under the Tatun volcano area. Compiling with the topographic relief, we can find that they correlate to each other well, except for a contravention in the mountainous area surrounding the Taipei basin. This converse can be explained by supposing that tectonic forces lifted the mountainous area after the basement was formed. In order to verify the "truth" of the solution, we calculated the theoretical geomagnetic anomaly using the model we have inverted. Comparing the result with the observed geomagnetic anomaly map, we can find that they are quite similar to each other, with only a small variance.

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期刊Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
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