Gamma-Ray Irradiation Effect on Ferroelectric Devices with Hafnium Aluminum Oxides

Chien Liu, Yi Chun Tung, Tian Li Wu, Chun Hu Cheng, Chih Yang Tseng, Hsuan Han Chen, Hsi Han Chen, Jun Ma, Chien Liang Lin, Zhi Wei Zheng, Wu Ching Chou, Hsiao Hsuan Hsu*


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Herein, the gamma-ray irradiation effect on ferroelectric HfAlOx capacitors for biomedical and space applications is investigated. The experimental results focus on the observation of ferroelectric polarization characteristics in support of different defect mechanisms induced by annealing, endurance cycling, and gamma-ray irradiation. It is found that the HfAlOx with low Al doping of 6.5% become more vulnerable to radiation exposure, but a remarkable improvement in 9%-Al-doped HfAlOx due to less oxygen vacancies is demonstrated. In addition, the results also confirm that the fatigue property of ferroelectric HfAlOx capacitor is determined by the electric-stress-induced defect during endurance cycling, not mainly contributed by irradiation damage, which shows the potential for memory applications in rigorous irradiation environment.

期刊Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2019 12月 1

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