Flux-augmented bifurcation analysis in chemical reaction network systems

Takashi Okada, Atsushi Mochizuki, Mikio Furuta, Je Chiang Tsai

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The dynamics of biochemical reaction networks are considered to be responsible for biological functions in living systems. Since real networks are immense and complicated, it is difficult to determine which reactions can cause a significant change of dynamical behaviors, namely, bifurcations. Also to what extent numerical results of network systems depend on the chosen kinetic rate parameters is not known. In this paper, an analytical setting that splits the information of the dynamics into the network structure and reaction kinetics is introduced. This setting possesses a factorization structure for some class of network systems which allows one to determine which subnetworks are responsible for the occurrence of a bifurcation. Subsequently, the bifurcation criteria are reformulated in a manner that allows the efficient determination of relevant reactions for bifurcations.

期刊Physical Review E
出版狀態已發佈 - 2021 6月

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