First human-robot archery competition: A new humanoid robot challenge

Kuo Yang Tu, Hong Yu Lin, You Ru Li, Che Ping Hung, Jacky Baltes

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A humanoid robot developed to play multievent athletes like human has paved a way for interesting and popular robotics research. One of the great dreams is to develop a humanoid robot being able to challenge human athletes. Therefore, the challenge of humanoid robots to play archery against human is organized at Taichung, Taiwan, in HuroCup, FIRA 2018, on August 7th. The difficulties of developing humanoid robot are not just on playing archery. The humanoid robots for HuroCup must make use of the same hardware for the 10 events. In this paper, the design and implementation of the humanoid robot for archery are proposed under the trade off with other nine events. Therefore, the humanoid robot must have some special design and development on software. More specially, the humanoid robot must use professional bow to challenge human for archery competition. Therefore, in this paper, special shooting posture under constrained arm structure and motion planning of both arms for more torque to play professional bow are proposed. In addition, the further development of humanoid robot to improve archery shooting is summarized.

期刊Knowledge Engineering Review
出版狀態接受/付印 - 2020

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