Fast Texture Coding Based on Spatial, Temporal and Inter-View Correlations for 3D Video Coding

Jie Ru Lin, Mei Juan Chen, Yi Sheng Ciou, Chia Hung Yeh*, Min Hui Lin, Lih Jen Kau, Chuan Yu Chang


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3D-HEVC (The 3D Extension of High Efficiency Video Coding), the latest international standard for 3D video coding, supports multiview plus depth 3D video format to enrich multimedia applications. For the texture coding, 3D-HEVC utilizes not only the information of temporal and spatial domains but also that of inter-view domain. However, the time consumption and complexity of 3D-HEVC also increase significantly. In this paper, fast texture coding algorithm for 3D-HEVC is proposed. We individually calculate the Pearson correlation coefficients by the rate-distortion costs (RD-costs) of coding tree units (CTUs) in the temporal, spatial and inter-view domains to analyze the correlations for independent view and dependent view. The proposed coding algorithm is based on the coding information of CTUs with higher correlations. The fast algorithm predicts and dynamically adjusts the depth range of the coding unit (CU). The prediction unit (PU) mode decision is proposed according to the complexity and partition direction of the best PU modes obtained from the highly correlated CTUs. The search range is adaptively adjusted for motion estimation. In addition, the RD-cost threshold is estimated to early terminate the CU split. Experimental results show that the proposed fast texture coding algorithm reduces the texture coding time significantly and outperforms numerous previous works.

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期刊IEEE Access
出版狀態已發佈 - 2021

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