Factors influencing technology integration in teaching: A Taiwanese perspective

Lih Juan Chanlin*, Jon Chao Hong, Jeou Shyan Horng, Shih Hui Chang, Hui Chuan Chu


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Although the use of computer technology in classrooms is an innovative approach to teaching, teachers with creativity might not use technology as intensively as they use other creative strategies in the classroom. Eight teachers who won an award for creative teaching were interviewed in order to identify the factors affecting their use of technology in creative teaching. Teachers perceptions about technology use were studied. Two major issues were explored. First, we studied how teachers integrated technology into creative teaching; we then identified the factors that influenced teachers use of technology in teaching. The identified factors were classified into four categories: environmental, personal, social and curricular issues.

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期刊Innovations in Education and Teaching International
出版狀態已發佈 - 2006 二月

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