Facebook marketing campaign benchmarking for a franchised hotel

Ying Chen Lo, Chin Yi Fang

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Purpose: This study aims to develop a performance evaluation model for Facebook (FB) marketing campaigns (FBMCs) for a franchised hotel, distinguish four quadrants based on efficiency and customer attention and suggest improvements for inefficient FBMCs based on the slack value analysis. Design/methodology/approach: The paper applied the elaboration likelihood model to select three inputs (text, picture and color) and three outputs (number of people reached; reactions, comments and shares; and clicks on post) based on the literature and expert opinions to assess 60 FBMCs for hotels through data envelopment analysis and a robustness test. The four-quadrant analysis (benchmark, improvements in efficiency and customer attention and fade-out) provides suggestions for underperforming FBMCs. Findings: The results indicate that the efficiency of the greeting FBMCs is better than that of the event and promotion FBMCs. The projection of input value analysis showed that an average of 50 words, one picture and six colors is the benchmark of FBMCs. Research limitations/implications: Sixty FBMCs for the same franchised hotel were examined. Further research could extend this model to different hotels for generalization. Practical implications: The findings suggest that developing shorter text lengths, concise photos and colors of greeting messages on FB could be efficient for FBMCs. Originality/value: This paper contributes in assessing the performance of FBMCs to identify the benchmark FBMCs with the higher efficiency and more customer attention for a franchised hotel.

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期刊International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
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