Extreme weather events and health responses in Taiwan

Li San Hung, Mei Hui Li*


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In this study, epidemiological studies on the effects of temperature-related and water-related extreme events on health in Taiwan were reviewed. Results of studies on the effects of temperate-related extreme events on health have varied because of the different indices used and diseases targeted; however, overall, these studies suggest that extreme low-temperature events generate greater mortality risk than do extreme high-temperature events, although health consequences from extreme high-temperature events cannot be ignored. With regard to health consequences from water-related extreme events, most related studies have focused on the association between floods and excessive rainfall, caused mainly by typhoons, with morbidity and mortality. Results of numerous studies have suggested that floods and excessive rainfall increase the risk of various diseases, especially water-borne, vector-borne and food-borne diseases.

主出版物標題Extreme Weather Events and Human Health
主出版物子標題International Case Studies
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出版狀態已發佈 - 2019 1月 1

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