Experimental Insights of Reverse Switching Charge for Antiferroelectric Hf.Zr.O

C. Y. Liao, K. Y. Hsiang, C. Y. Lin, Z. F. Lou, Z. X. Li, H. C. Tseng, F. S. Chang, W. C. Ray, C. C. Wang, J. Y. Lee, P. H. Chen, J. H. Tsai, M. H. Liao, M. H. Lee*


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Experimental insights into a reverse switching charge for antiferroelectric (AFE) Hf0.1Zr0.9O2 are validated by pulse measurement and capacitance-voltage (C-V). The difference between saturation polarization ( $\text{P}_{\mathrm {S}}$ ) and remnant polarization ( $\text{P}_{\mathrm {r}}$ ) plays an important role in the model and is confirmed by the steep and gradual slope of the P-V loop, which is made by AFE and antiferroelectric-dielectric (AFE-DE), respectively. AFE capacitor yield far superior released charge ( $\text{Q}_{\mathrm {D}}$ ) than capacitor of AFE-DE bilayers due to strong reverse switching of $\text{P}_{\mathrm {S}}$ and $\text{P}_{\mathrm {r}}$ difference. A nonhysteretic $\text{Q}_{\mathrm {D}}$ scheme is proposed by alternating bipolar AFE operation without a DE to achieve a bidirectional enhancement. This work demonstrates an experimental $\text{Q}_{\mathrm {D}}$ enhancement by an AFE system and supports the reverse switching concept.

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期刊IEEE Electron Device Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2022 9月 1

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