Examining the technological pedagogical content knowledge of Singapore pre-service teachers with a large-scale survey

J.H.L. Koh, C.S. Chai, C.C. Tsai

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Abstract This paper examined the profile of Singaporean pre-service teachers in terms of their technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK). A total of 1185 pre-service teachers were studied with a TPACK survey. An exploratory factor analysis found five distinctive constructs: technological knowledge, content knowledge, knowledge of pedagogy, knowledge of teaching with technology and knowledge from critical reflection. The participants of this study did not make conceptual distinctions between TPACK constructs such as technological content knowledge and technological pedagogical knowledge. There were some differences in their TPACK perceptions by gender. However, the influence of age and teaching level were not strong. The methodological and theoretical implications for the development of TPACK surveys were discussed.
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期刊Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
出版狀態已發佈 - 2010


  • pre-service teachers
  • survey
  • technological pedagogical content knowledge