Event-led strategy for cultural tourism development

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The aim of this paper is to conceptualise the role of cultural events in developing cultural tourism and its significance for a city's tourism policy. Liverpool - the 2008 European Capital of Culture - is used as a case study to investigate some key issues surrounding eventled urban tourism policy. Specifically, this study intends to achieve the following objectives: (1) identify the key factors of event-led cultural tourism development strategies; (2) test the analytical framework developed in the context of Liverpool; and (3) explore Liverpool's successes and challenges in developing cultural tourism. The case study is partly based on written documents and partly on interviews with key personnel representing the cultural and tourism sectors in Liverpool. The study findings point to a number of ways in which the cultural event constitutes a boost for the development of cultural tourism in terms of realising experience economy, enhancing city image, facilitating urban regeneration, fertilizing cultural provision and establishing partnerships.

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