Evaluation of the Health-Promoting School Supporting Network in Taiwan

Li Ling Liao, Chieh Hsing Liu*, Fong Ching Chang, Chi Chia J. Cheng, Yu Zhen Niu, Tzu Chau Chang


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BACKGROUND: Taiwan has advocated health-promoting schools (HPS) since 2001 and established the Health-Promoting School Supporting Network (HPSSN) in 2005 to offer administrative support and consultation. Respondents' opinions about HPSSN and the relationship between these perceptions and HPS implementation were examined. METHODS: In 2011, 800 primary and middle schools were selected through stratified random sampling. School staff members (N = 656) in charge of HPS programs reported their impressions of the HPSSN's support. RESULTS: Respondents were most satisfied with consultants and schools' recognition of responsibilities and rules and their interactions with HPSSN administrators. They were least satisfied with the extent of their HPSSN consultant interaction and believed HPSSN provided insufficient resources to establish HPS. Respondents' consultant partnerships and satisfaction with HPSSN administration significantly predicted HPS implementation. Additionally, the predictive values of healthy policies and school-community relationships were greater than the other 6 HPS components. CONCLUSIONS: HPSSN positively influenced HPS implementation; however, consultant/school partnerships and school resource allocations must be improved.

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期刊Journal of School Health
出版狀態已發佈 - 2015 7月 1

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