Evaluation of imerg level-3 products in depicting the july to october rainfall over taiwan: Typhoon versus non-typhoon

Wan Ru Huang*, Pin Yi Liu, Ya Hui Chang, Cheng An Lee


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This study assesses the performance of satellite precipitation products (SPPs) from the latest version, V06B, Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for Global Precipitation Mission (IMERG) Level-3 (including early, late, and final runs), in depicting the characteristics of typhoon season (July to October) rainfall over Taiwan within the period of 2000–2018. The early and late runs are near-realtime SPPs, while final run is post-real-time SPP adjusted by monthly rain gauge data. The latency of early, late, and final runs is approximately 4 h, 14 h, and 3.5 months, respectively, after the observation. Analyses focus on the seasonal mean, daily variation, and interannual variation of typhoon-related (TC) and non-typhoon-related (non-TC) rainfall. Using local rain-gauge observations as a reference for evaluation, our results show that all IMERG products capture the spatio-temporal variations of TC rainfall better than those of non-TC rainfall. Among SPPs, the final run performs better than the late run, which is slightly better than the early run for most of the features assessed for both TC and non-TC rainfall. Despite these differences, all IMERG products outperform the frequently used Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission 3B42 v7 (TRMM7) for the illustration of the spatio-temporal characteristics of TC rainfall in Taiwan. In contrast, for the non-TC rainfall, the final run performs notably better relative to TRMM7, while the early and late runs showed only slight improvement. These findings highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using IMERG products for studying or monitoring typhoon season rainfall in Taiwan.

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