Entrepreneurship in the internet age: Internet, entrepreneurs, and capital resources

Yenchun Jim Wu, Shih Chih Chen, Chia I. Pan

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With the rapidly expanding Internet economy, new business operation models are emerging. Entrepreneurship and innovative business models have become a point of special interest in the Internet era, and are also drawing attention from scholars. This study used three perspectives to explore issues that require understanding in the Internet age in order to improve the survival rate and sustainable development of entrepreneurship. The three perspectives included the differences between the Internet age and traditional entrepreneurship, the personal characteristics of entrepreneurs, and the capital resources and financing of entrepreneurs. Through this study, readers can better understand the key success factors in the dynamic entrepreneurship process and engage in further related discussions.

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期刊International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems
出版狀態已發佈 - 2019 10月 1

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