Enhancing science instruction: the use of 'conflict maps': International Journal of Science Education

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This paper proposes the use of 'conflict maps' as a way of enhancing science teaching and learning. The conflict map emphasizes not only the use of discrepant events, but also the resolution of the conflict between students' alternative conceptions and the scientific conception, using critical events or explanations and relevant perceptions and conceptions that explicate the scientific conception. The use of conflict maps is consistent with a conceptual change model suggested by science educators; hence, it is expected that the conflict map could help students overcome alternative conceptions and thus promote conceptual change. The conflict map, which clearly displays students' alternative conceptions and scientific conceptions, could be used as an instructional aid, helping science teachers construct or implement lesson plans, or as a metacognitive tool, helping learners monitor their ideas and the processes of conceptual change.

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期刊European Journal of Science Education
出版狀態已發佈 - 2000