Enhancement of bandwidth in a chirped quarter-wave dielectric mirror

C. J. Wu*, B. H. Chu, M. T. Weng, H. L. Lee


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Based on the quarter-wave dielectric mirror (Bragg reflector), a chirp scheme to enhance the bandwidth is proposed. We model the chirped mirror by successively cascading a number of sub-Bragg reflectors in which the optical lengths of the two constituent dielectric layers in each sub-Bragg reflector are varied in a linear chirp manner. With the change in the chirp parameter, it is seen that the reflection bandwidth is pronouncedly enlarged due to the shift in the bandedges. In addition, a broader bandwidth can be obtained when a different chirp arrangement of structure is designed. Investigation of angle-dependent reflectance for the TE wave is also given.

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期刊Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications
出版狀態已發佈 - 2009 2月 1

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