Enhanced resolution of AgOx-type super-RENS disks with periodic silver nanoclusters

Wei Chih Liu*, Ming Yaw Ng, Din Ping Tsai


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The super-resolution near-field structure (super-RENS) of the AgO x-type can perform the task of the high-density near-field optical recording in a more feasible way and has demonstrated better signal-to-noise ratio. For further exploration of the optical resolution and controllability of the super-RENS disks, we studied the near-field and far-field optical properties of the AgOx-type super-RENS embedded with periodic silver nanoparticles or nanoclusters with finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations. It was found that the period of nanoclusters could selectively manipulate the resolution of the super-RENS disk.

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