Enhanced emission of (In, Ga) nitride nanowires embedded with self-assembled quantum dots

Chih Wei Hsu, Abhijit Ganguly, Chi Hui Liang, Yu Ting Hung, Chien Ting Wu, Geng Ming Hsu, Yang Fang Chen, Chia Chun Chen, Kuei Hsien Chen, Li Chyong Chen

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We report the structure and emission properties of ternary (In,Ga)N nanowires (NWs) embedded with self-assembled quantum dots (SAQDs). InGaN NWs are fabricated by the reaction of In, Ga and NH3 via a vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) mechanism, using Au as the catalyst. By simply varying the growth temperature, In-rich or Ga-rich ternary NWs have been produced. X-ray diffraction, Raman studies and transmission electron microscopy reveal a phase-separated microstructure wherein the isovalent heteroatoms are self-aggregated, forming SAQDs embedded in NWs. The SAQDs are observed to dominate the emission behavior of both In-rich and Ga-rich NWs. Temperature-dependent photoluminescence (PL) measurements indicate relaxation of excited electrons from the matrix of the Ga-rich NWs to their embedded SAQDs. A multi-level band schema is proposed for the case of In-rich NWs, which showed an anomalous enhancement in the PL peak intensity with increasing temperature accompanies with red shift in its peak position.

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期刊Advanced Functional Materials
出版狀態已發佈 - 2008 三月 25


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Hsu, C. W., Ganguly, A., Liang, C. H., Hung, Y. T., Wu, C. T., Hsu, G. M., Chen, Y. F., Chen, C. C., Chen, K. H., & Chen, L. C. (2008). Enhanced emission of (In, Ga) nitride nanowires embedded with self-assembled quantum dots. Advanced Functional Materials, 18(6), 938-942. https://doi.org/10.1002/adfm.200700739