Electronic structure and transport properties of La0.7Ce0.3MnO3

W. J. Chang*, J. Y. Tsai, H. T. Jeng, J. Y. Lin, Kenneth Y.J. Zhang, H. L. Liu, J. M. Lee, J. M. Chen, K. H. Wu, T. M. Uen, Y. S. Gou, J. Y. Juang


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X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), optical reflectance spectroscopy, and the Hall effect measurements were used to investigate the electronic structure in La0.7Ce0.3MnO3 thin films (LCeMO). The XAS results are consistent with those obtained from LDA+U calculations. In that the doping of Ce has shifted up the Fermi level and resulted in marked shrinkage of hole pockets originally existing in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 (LCaMO). The Hall measurements indicate that in LCeMO the carriers are still displaying the characteristics of holes as LDA+U calculations predict. Analyses of the optical reflectance spectra evidently disapprove the scenario that the present LCeMO might have been dominated by the La-deficient phases.

期刊Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2005 十月 1

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