Electron mobility enhancement using ultrathin pure Ge on Si substrate

Chia Ching Yeo, Byung Jin Cho, F. Gao, S. J. Lee, Min-Hung Lee, C. Y. Yu, C. W. Liu, L. J. Tang, T. W. Lee

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    We demonstrate enhancement of electron mobility in nMOSFET using an ultrathin pure Ge crystal channel layer directly grown on a bulk Si wafer. A thin Si crystal layer is also grown on top of a Ge crystal channel layer as a capping layer. Using the Si/Ge/Si structure, a maximum 2.2X enhancement in electron mobility is achieved while good gate dielectric properties and junction qualities of bulk Si devices are maintained.

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    期刊IEEE Electron Device Letters
    出版狀態已發佈 - 2005 十月 1

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