Electrolyte electroreflectance spectra of LPE-grown Hg1-x-yMnxCdyTe

C. R. Lu, J. R. Anderson, M. Gorska, M. Fotouhi, S. H. Shin

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Electrolyte electroreflectance studies have been carried out over a wave-length range from 400 to 1800 nm on epitaxial layers of Hg1-x-yMnx-Cdy for different values of x and y. The structure observed includes E1 and E1 + Δ1 transitions on the Λ axis and E0 + Δ0 and E0 transitions at the Γ point. Line shape analyses similar to those of Raccah et al. have been applied to these data and show the sensitivity of the line centers to the values of x and y. The observed transition energies have been compared with the prediction of the virtual crystal approximation.

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期刊Solid State Communications
出版狀態已發佈 - 1990 四月

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