Electroluminescence at si band gap energy based on metal-oxide-silicon structures

Ching Fuh Lin, C. W. Liu, Miin Jang Chen, M. H. Lee, I. C. Lin

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    Room-temperature electroluminescence corresponding to Si band gap energy from metal-oxide-semiconductor structures on both p-type and n-type Si is observed. With very thin oxide grown by rapid thermal oxidation, the metal-oxide-semiconductor structures behave like light emitting diodes. Luminescence is observed under forward bias even with a current density as low as 0.67 A/cm2. The physical reason for the electroluminescence is discussed and attributed to the localized wave function that leads to the spread of momentum. As a result, the spread momentum causes the electron-hole radiative recombination to occur relatively easily.

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    期刊Journal of Applied Physics
    出版狀態已發佈 - 2000 六月 15

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