Effective dark matter model: Relic density, CDMS II, Fermi LAT and LHC

Hao Zhang, Qing Hong Cao, Chuan Ren Chen, Chong Sheng Li

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The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search recently announced the observation of two signal events with a 77% confidence level. Although statistically inconclusive, it is nevertheless suggestive. In this work we present a model-independent analysis on the implication of direct and indirect searches for the dark matter using effective operator approach. Assuming that the interactions between (scalar, fermion or vector) dark matter and the standard model are mediated by unknown new physics at the scale Λ, we examine various dimension-6 tree-level induced operators and constrain them using the current experimental data, including the WMAP data of the relic abundance, CDMS II direct detection of the spin-independent scattering, and indirect detection data (Fermi LAT cosmic gamma-ray). Finally, the LHC search is also explored.

期刊Journal of High Energy Physics
出版狀態已發佈 - 2011 一月 1

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