Effect of dynamic display and speed of display movement on reading Chinese text presented on a small screen

Chien Hsiung Chen, Yu Hung Chien

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Automatic dynamic displays, e.g., scrolling displays, are frequently used to present text information on small screens. This study examined the effects of three dynamic displays [leading, scrolling, and rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP)] and three presentations speeds [171, 250, and 305 wpm (words per minute)] on subjects' reading comprehension for different types of small screens for laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and mobile phones. 12 college students who were native speakers of Chinese (4 men and 8 women between the ages of 19 and 36 years) participated. Scores for reading comprehension indicated (1) for laptops, both leading displays and RSVP, at speeds of about 250 wpm, comprehension was highest; (2) for PDAs and mobile phones, scrolling displays and RSVP, speeds of about 305 wpm were more suitable for presenting information in Chinese text; (3) consequently, RSVP appeared to be the most viable dynamic display on small screens and led to the highest reading comprehension for these Chinese readers.

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