Dysgenic fertility for intelligence and education in Taiwan

Hsin Yi Chen*, Yung Hua Chen, Yung Kun Liao, Hsin Ping Chen, Richard Lynn


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This study investigated the current trend of dysgenic fertility in Taiwan. Data on 680 adults aged 35 to 90 years from the Taiwan WAIS-IV norming sample and 980 children aged 2.5 to 7 years from the Taiwan WPPSI-IV norming sample were examined to investigate the relationships between intelligence, education, and fertility. Results revealed that education and intelligence were negatively correlated with fertility, and that the correlations were stronger for females. The genotypic intelligence is estimated to decline by approximately 1.19 IQ points per generation and the decline is much stronger for the younger adult cohort (1.46 IQ points) than for the older adult cohort (1.02 IQ points).

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