Does west "fit" with east? In search of a Chinese model of person-environment fit

Aichia Chuang, Ryan Shuwei Hsu, An Chih Wang, Timothy A. Judge

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Extant theorizing concerning person-environment fit (PE fit) is culture bound in that it focuses predominantly on PE fit phenomena in the Western world. We enrich the PE fit literature by exploring the interpretations of PE fit in a prevailing Eastern context (Chinese) using a qualitative study. We interviewed 30 Chinese working adults with diverse backgrounds, and our findings suggest an integrated Chinese model of PE fit that constitutes five dominant PE fit themes: competence at work, harmonious connections at work, balance among life domains, cultivation, and realization. In addition, our research finds empirical evidence of both psychological time and diachronic time with regard to PE fit. With reference to cultural grounding, we reason that Confucian relationalism, selfhood, and appropriateness are particularly helpful in explaining our findings. Other implications and future research are also discussed.

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期刊Academy of Management Journal
出版狀態已發佈 - 2015 四月 1

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