Does a Friendly Hotel Room Increase Senior Group Package Tourists' Satisfaction? A Field Experiment

Wen Yu Chen, Kuo Ching Wang, Hsiang Fei Luoh, Jui Feng Shih, Yu Shiang You

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This study uses a field experiment to investigate whether senior-friendly facilities in a hotel affect the satisfaction levels of senior tourists. This research also identifies the staff explanation effect with respect to tourists' satisfaction. A field experimental design was applied to examine the senior tourists' satisfaction with the group package tour. Senior-friendly attributes were obtained from the literature reviews, three focus groups, and in-depth interviews. Hotel rooms with senior-friendly facilities were designated as the first experimental group and senior-friendly rooms with staff explanation were designated as the second. A total of 397 valid questionnaires for senior group package tourists were retrieved. The results indicate that a room with facilities could significantly increase customers' satisfaction with respect to cleanliness, comfort, decoration, illumination, overall satisfaction, and room recommendation. However, staff explanation did not further increase or influence customers' satisfaction for a room with friendly facilities.

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期刊Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 2014 八月


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