Do social and competitive advergames affect brand attitude in Asia?

Yu Ping Chiu*


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The aim of this paper is to examine the advertising effectiveness between mobile competitive advergames and social advergames. A laboratory experiment was adopted to evaluate the advertising effectiveness of two types of mobile advergame. Under randomly assigned experimental conditions, 152 people were assigned to competitive advergames which emphasizes on the efficiency of user to complete the task, and 143 people were assigned to social advergames which emphasizes the user's task is repetitive, and even communicates with other users and collaborates to finish a goal. The results indicated that mobile competitive and social advergames exert distinct effects on advertising effectiveness. Specifically, competitive advergames enhance game attitude, whereas social advergames promote brand recall. The results also indicated that both competitive and social advergames are highly effective tools for enhancing brand attitude. The results assist in filling research gaps regarding the effect of mobile advergame type on advertising effectiveness.

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期刊International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies
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