Do Facebook profile pictures reflect user's personality?

Yen Chun Jim Wu, Wei Hung Chang, Chih Hung Yuan*


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Facebook has been gaining popularity ever since it was first introduced and offers the user the chance for self-presentation. This study examines the motivations behind the choice of a profile picture and the image of the user that it gives out. The research was conducted in the form of an on-site visual study evaluating the profile pictures of Facebook's users. Relations between profile pictures and user's personality were examined. User personalities were found to have an influence on choice of profile pictures and profile pictures were found to reflect the user's personality. Our study supports the theory of collaborative learning through learning from peers as results shows that other's choice of profile pictures affects viewer's own future choice of profile picture. If they like the impression made by a particular type of profile picture, they are likely to learn from it and upload the same type of profile picture with the aim of sending the same positive impression.

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期刊Computers in Human Behavior
出版狀態已發佈 - 2015 10月 1

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