DNA detection using a radio frequency biosensor with gold nanoparticles

Jui Hung Chien, Ching Hao Yang, Ping Hei Chen*, Chii Rong Yang, Chin Shen Lin, Huei Wang


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This study presents a novel method for DNA detection with multi-layer AuNPs to enhance overall detected sensitivity. This essay achieves not only an innovative radiofrequency biosensor but also a critical signal amplification methodology. Results show that bandwidth change for multilayer AuNP with hybridization of DNA exceeds that for the double-layer AuNP up to 0.5 GHz. Furthermore, the detection limited of the developed biosensor for the DNA set employed in this essay is 10 pM. A single base-pair mutation of the wild-type target DNA could be distinguished from the perfect match target DNA at the melting temperature of 47°C with a temperature controlling system. Experimental results of this study indicate that the proposed biosensor and the developed amplification methodology are successful. As health care becomes much more essential in modern life, this biosensor has potential applications in a screening kit for recognizing, sensing, and quantifying biomolecules in real samples.

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期刊Frontiers in Bioscience
出版狀態已發佈 - 2008

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