Direct view of silicon initial growth on metal surfaces

Tsu Yi Fu*, Yan Ching Chen, Geng Chu Liang, Chen Yu Wang, Rung Jiun Lin


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Silicene, a single layer of silicon structure, has been predicted to be similar to graphene in physical properties and better than graphene in device applications. Various ways to synthesize silicene have attracted many theoretical and experimental efforts. Controlled epitaxial growth is a possible method. However, a critical growth condition limits the development of various materials. A field ion microscope with the advantages of atomic resolution and many different crystal facets on the emitter sample can provide information about the initial growth of silicon on metal surfaces in various growth conditions. Here, silicon, evaporated by direct current heating of a piece of Si wafer, was deposited onto Ir or Pt tip surfaces held at 400 to 700 K. The p (3 × 2) superstructure of silicon forms on Ir (001) at 400 K. Moreover, Si triangular structure was found on Ir (111) facets, and hexagonal structure was found on Pt (111) facets.

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期刊Thin Solid Films
出版狀態已發佈 - 2016 11月 1

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