Digital holography and 3D imaging: Introduction

Myung K. Kim, Chau Jern Cheng, Jinwoong Kim, Wolfgang Osten, Pascal Picart, Hiroshi Yoshikawa

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    Twenty-six papers are presented, including several review articles, on topics such as integral imaging and holographic display systems, computer generated holograms, digital holographic microscopy, and biomedical and other applications in particle tracking, security, and materials science.

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    期刊Applied Optics
    出版狀態已發佈 - 2014 九月 20

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    Kim, M. K., Cheng, C. J., Kim, J., Osten, W., Picart, P., & Yoshikawa, H. (2014). Digital holography and 3D imaging: Introduction. Applied Optics, 53(27), DH1.