Differential transmission lines with surface plasmon polaritons at low frequencies

J. J. Wu, D. J. Hou, J. Q. Shen, H. L. Chiueh, T. J. Yang, C. J. Wu

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A new kind of differential microstrip lines by introducing periodic subwavelength corrugation in the edge, which is able to support low-frequency spoof surface plasmon polaritions, is proposed. The surface current distribution of the subwavelength periodic corrugated microstrip is numerically analysed. A kind of differential to singleended microstrip coupling circuit is designed to investigate the ability of suppressing the crosstalk of such a subwavelength periodic corrugated differential pair. Experimental results show that such a structure can be utilised to effectively suppress crosstalk, and to reduce the transformation between differential-mode and commonmode signals.

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期刊Electronics Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2014 二月 27

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