Differentiability v.s. convexity for complementarity functions

Chien Hao Huang, Jein Shan Chen, Juan Enrique Martinez-Legaz

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It is known that complementarity functions play an important role in dealing with complementarity problems. The most well known complementarity problem is the symmetric cone complementarity problem (SCCP) which includes nonlinear complementarity problem (NCP), semidefinite complementarity problem (SDCP), and second-order cone complementarity problem (SOCCP) as special cases. Moreover, there is also so-called generalized complementarity problem (GCP) in infinite dimensional space. Among the existing NCP-functions, it was observed that there are no differentiable and convex NCP-functions. In particular, Miri and Effati (J Optim Theory Appl 164:723–730, 2015) show that convexity and differentiability cannot hold simultaneously for an NCP-function. In this paper, we further establish that such result also holds for general complementarity functions associated with the GCP.

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期刊Optimization Letters
出版狀態已發佈 - 2017 一月 1

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