Different attentional traits, different creativities

Wei Lun Lin, Kung Yu Hsu*, Hsueh-Chih Chen, Wan yun Chang


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This study examines the relationships between two aspects of " breadth of attention" (orienting sensitivity and effortful control) and two forms of creativity (divergent thinking and insight problem-solving). It suggests that the two forms of creativity relate differently to the two modes of attention. This distinction has not been made in previous studies. Intelligence and other personality traits were also assessed as control variables. Over 300 participants' responses to the Adult Temperament Questionnaire, the Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults, insight-problem tasks, the HEXACO Personality Inventory, and Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices were collected. The results showed that, after the effects of intelligence scores and personality traits were controlled for, individuals' performance on insight problem-solving was predicted only by orienting sensitivity, while effortful control could only predicted divergent thinking performance. The relationships between attentional traits and creative performances were discussed.

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期刊Thinking Skills and Creativity
出版狀態已發佈 - 2013 八月

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